Vaccine Panda’s guidebook to Weaning Foods-Is your baby ready for solid food?

Equipment you may need to cook hygienic baby food at home?

There is nothing better than hygienically prepared fresh baby food with the right nutritious ingredients. Here is a list of some tools, which can help busy moms make mess free meals in a jiffy.

  1.  Squeezer

Fresh fruit juice is great to quench the thirst of your little one. Let your baby enjoy the delicious nutrient rich essence of Mother Nature

  1.   Strainer

Fine pore strainer or sieve can be used to give your delicious puree a finishing touch. Cooked Rice and pulses can be passed through a strainer to give smooth first purees to serve your little one. Paste of Veggies with thick skins like peas can be passed through it to make easy to swallow soup and puree. Strainers can be kept on a clean bowl and food can be pushed through it to make great fresh homemade food.

  1. Blender

This is a must have tool needed to puree the food to give it semi-solid smooth consistency

4. Steamer

Steaming is the best way to cook food to retain its nutrients and color. Steaming trays, which can be kept in a microwave can be used. A blender with inbuilt steamer function can also be used to prepare fresh meals for babies within a few minutes.

  5.Storage containers

Leftover food can be frozen and reheated to use later in microwave and freezer safe and BPA free containers with sealable lids. These are also good to carry food in parks and cars while traveling.

Full term babies should be ready for solid food by the time they reach their half birthday. Clinical reports suggest that the majority of normal babies and obviously premature babies are not developmentally ready for the graduation from milk suckling to manage semi-solids swallowing until between 6-8 months of age. We have to assess the baby’s developmental readiness for solids. Remember, Breast milk alone cannot provide the required amount of zinc and iron to meet baby’s daily dietary need.

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