Mirror Mirror on the wall

As the baby grows, he starts cooing, babbling and laughing while staring at her own image in the mirror. He tries to socialize with his reflection believing that another baby is present on the other side. 

A simple unbreakable mirror attached to the side of the crib or play mat will help the  baby focus on a face and read emotions.

Baby feels motivated to respond when he sees someone responding in the mirror. 

At around 18 months of age, kids recognize their own face in the mirror. Self-awareness and recognition is an important cognitive milestone.Till then; kids  talk, dance, poke, press their head onto the glass on seeing their own image. Looking at the mirror and talking will remain his favorite activity for some more time after this milestone.

To test whether the baby can recognise himself in the mirror, we can do a simple,yet scientific test. We can put a baby friendly color (Like Baby powder ) on the baby’s cheek. If the baby tries to touch her cheek to remove it, then he is aware that the mirror is showing his own image. On the other hand, if he touches the mirror and  keeps playing normally, it means that he hasn’t reached the self–recognition milestone yet.

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