The Crawling baby

Crawling is an important milestone for the baby. It gives mobility without support to the baby for the first time. This milestone follows sitting without support. It indicates good neuromuscular and skeletal strength of the baby’s back, shoulders, arms and knees, which support the baby’s weight and help maintain his balance while moving. Babies use […]

Newborn’s cold – ‘home fixes’

Common cold makes feeding difficult for the newborns. We should abstain from any self medication.Most colds are self limiting and take 1-2 weeks to go.Luckily, there are some safe home remedies that can be of help in this tough time. Saline drops  ease nasal congestion   Nasal congestion causes  breathing difficulty. Saline drops moisturise the dried […]

Vaccine Panda’s guidebook to Weaning Foods-Is your baby ready for solid food?

Equipment you may need to cook hygienic baby food at home? There is nothing better than hygienically prepared fresh baby food with the right nutritious ingredients. Here is a list of some tools, which can help busy moms make mess free meals in a jiffy.  Squeezer Fresh fruit juice is great to quench the thirst […]

Antibiotic Abuse

When your child has a bad cold, it seems quite comforting to give  antibiotics and say  goodbye to sick days . But think hard before giving antibiotics to your child. We enlist some important concerns before starting the antibiotics for kids. Most sore throats, coughs and runny nose do not require antibiotics for treatment. Antibiotics […]